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Here is information about the last Library proposal
If you need a little background information about the last library proposal for the survey look no farther.

Here is the bond proposal that was voted on. The vote was 1151 yes , 1160 no and was therefore defeated.

ARTICLE 4.   To see if the Town will vote to: 

(1) Approve the design, construction and equipping of a new library building at 1 Limerock Street, including demolition of existing improvements on the property and other site work (the “Project”); 

(2) Appropriate a sum not to exceed $2,000,000 for the costs of the Project; 

(3) To fund the appropriation in (2) above, and, provided the Town has received donation commitments or funds from other revenue sources in an amount at least as large as $2 million, authorize the Treasurer and the Chairman of the Select Board to issue, at one time or from time to time, general obligation securities of the Town of Rockport, Maine, including temporary notes in anticipation of the sale thereof and future refunding obligations, in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $2,000,000, and to delegate to the Treasurer and Chairman of the Select Board the authority and discretion to fix the date(s), maturity(ies), denomination(s), interest rate(s), places(s) of payment, call(s) for redemption, current or advance refunding(s) of the securities, form(s), and other details of said securities, including execution and delivery of said securities against payment therefore, execution of certificates, loan agreements and any other documents reasonably related thereto, and to provide for the sale thereof.

Here is the information about the size (9360 sq feet), layout and what the building was going to look like.

Here is the livesteam recording and meeting minutes for the meeting when the Select Board voted to continue any future planning for a new library to be at the 1 Limerock location.