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What is the purpose of the Ad Hoc Library Committee?
The Ad Hoc Library Planning Committee (AHLPC) is tasked with the planning stage of building a new library for the Town of Rockport. This library is for the use and enjoyment of all the people of Rockport and shall be planned primarily by focusing on planning, cost, and long term use. Secondary issues of staffing, building efficiency, archives/storage space, accessibility, and site planning/ site safety shall be considered as well.
Using the program outline proposed by the Library Committee and approved by the Select Board on
November 9, 2015, and with professional assistance, this committee shall write a recommendation to the Select Board, including a design and cost estimate, for a library to be built at the combined site of Memorial Park and 1 Limerock Street.
Committee Members are
Eric Denny, Erik Frederick, Ann Filley, Stevie Kumble Library Committee liaison, Heather
Mackey, Brendan Riordan Select Board liaison, Jan Rosenbaum Chair, Joe Sternowski Vice Chair, and Ben Blackmon, Ex Officio, Interim Library Director.

The committee can be reached at 

August 9th Update
Funding and Timing

The final concept for a new library was presented to the Rockport Select Board on Monday August 8th. The Select Board had the difficult task of deciding how much money the town should put toward a new library and when it would be voted on.

The Select Board decided that a bond article will be on the November 8th ballot asking the voters to approve a 2 million dollar bond for a new library. This is half of the needed funds for the new library. The cost for a new library is just under 4 million dollars.  The other half of the money needed for the new library will come from grants, private donations and fund-raising.

The Concept

The AHLPC has been listening to all the feedback it has gotten. As a result of that feedback changes were made to the exterior and roof treatment of the design. If you want to see this new design click HERE.
Planning Update from the July 20th Informational Meeting
Rockport Library Planning Update
The Ad Hoc Library planning committee held a meeting on Wednesday, July 20th at 6:30 pm at the Rockport Opera House. This meeting covered:
  • Memorial Park enhancement
  • Library site planning
  • Interior program space
  • Basic project costs
  • Potential look of the new building
  • Slides from the meeting can be found HERE
If you couldn't attend the meeting you can watch a recording of it at:
Thank You
Thank you to the community members who attended Focus Groups with
Reed & Co. Architecture on June 22 & 23.  Below is the information
that was presented in these sessions.  Many comments & questions
were heard at each session.

On July 20th at 6:30pm in the Rockport Opera House (upstairs), the
AHLPC will host an Informational Meeting for all citizens &
stakeholders of Rockport on the new Library Plans.  Please attend to
hear the latest information!

Brochure from the focus groups.
What's it going to look like????
At the latest AHLPC meeting Reed and Company presented the first look of what the new library might look like!!!!

Keep in mind two things as you look at this:
  1. It is a first draft. There will be changes made before the design becomes final. In fact there will be a series of focus groups with Reed and Company to take input from the town on design. Some of the focus groups are set and some will be chosen randomly from people that “put their names in the hat.” To put your name in the hat you can email
  2. A note from Ben B. – the inside of the library works very well. Dick Reed has worked closely with the staff and myself and we are all very happy with the results.
As always please send you input to

What the Library could/might look like!
Ad Hoc Library Planning Committe
2016 Ad Hoc Library Planning Committee

With the move to the temporary library site on Route 1, the Town of Rockport has entered the planning stage of building a new library. To that end, the Rockport Select Board has authorized the formation of the Ad Hoc Library Planning Committee, which had its first meeting on December 16, 2015. The charge for the committee is to select and recommend an architect while providing cost estimates for the new library. Additionally, the mission of the committee calls for a library to be built at the combined sites of Memorial Park and 1 Limerock Street, both sites that were deeded to the town for the purpose of a library. The recommended size of the new library is 8,750 square feet of usable space, which was voted on by the Library Committee and submitted to the Select Board.  The current temporary space at 385 commercial street is 5,400 square feet and full.

The Ad Hoc committee is providing a set of parameters to enable the selected architect firm to submit creative ideas that meet the needs of the community. These parameters will focus on building costs, long-term use, green space, village ambience, safe accessibility, parking, programming, and site planning.

The members of the Ad Hoc Planning Committee are: Eric Denny, Ann Filley, Jan Rosenbaum-committee chair, Joe Sternowski-committee vice chair, Heather Mackey, Erik Frederick and Tracy Murphy, Select Board liaison. Ex-officio, Library Director, Ben Blackmon and Stephanie Kumble, Library Committee liaison. Also includes architect, John Scholz, as professional advisor to the committee.

The Ad Hoc committee will also provide informational updates on the library website, newspaper and email notification to patrons. The meetings are normally held at the meeting room of the Rockport Opera House, which can be viewed via Rockport Live Stream

Current Meeting Schedule:
  • September 12       5:00 pm    Opera House

Approved Minutes:
AHLPC Minutes 12/16/2015

AHLPC Minutes 12/23/2015

AHLPC Minutes 1/6/2016

AHLPC Minutes 1/13/16

AHLPC Minutes 1/27/2016

AHLPC Minutes 2/11/2016

AHLPC Minutes 3/9/2016

AHLPC Minutes 3/23/16

AHLPC Minutes 4/6/2016

AHLPC Minutes 4/20/2016

AHLPC Minutes 4/27/2016

AHLPC Minutes 5/11/2016

AHLPC Minutes 5/25/2016

AHLPC Minutes 6/08/2016

AHLPC Minutes 6/10/2016

AHLPC Minutes 6/22/2016

​AHLPC Minutes 7/06/2016

​AHLPC Minutes 7/20/2016

​AHLPC Minutes 8/03/2016
Reed & Co. Architecture
The Ad Hoc library planning committee has recently voted to select an architectural firm, which was then recommended to the Select Board. The board, at their most recent meeting approved that recommendation. Reed and Co. Architecture was the firm that was selected. 
We are not yet at the stage of building rendering, but that will be coming as the work and planning continue.
Please keep in mind, that these are not renderings or plans, but part of the firms' proposal of creative and thoughtful ideas to on ways to utilize Memorial Park and the current library site.

You can find a PDF of Reed and Co. presentation here.
AHLPC Meeting Documents 5/25/2015
Here at the documnets from the 5/25/2016 AHLPC meeting. This meeting we looked at the site design focusing on the parking and issues with the intersection of Union Street, Limerock Street and Russell Avenue.

AHLPC Meeting Documents 5/25/2015
AHLPC Meeting Documents 5-11-2016
The first link shows a Program Analysis and Concept Plan for a two story 9000 sq foot building. The second link is Reed and Co. official presentation from the AHLPC meeting on 5-11-2016 Stay tuned for more verisons of this concept plan. Things are still in flux and we are working very hard to come to a final plan.

Program Analysis and Concept Plan

Official Reed and Co. presentation
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have questions about what is going on with AHLPC or want to know some of the history about this project, look at our FAQ.

AHLPC FAQ Chapter 1

AHLPC FAQ Chapter 2

In the News
Penbay Pilot reports on new planning committee for library construction project.