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Full-time staff members

Ben Blackmon, Library Director
Keith Drago, Deputy Director and Adult Services Librarian
Ben Odgren, Circulation and Technical Services Librarian
Charlie Gluck, Youth Services Librarian


Part-time staff
Melissa Bryan
Stephanie Miller
Kim Slocomb

On-call (Substitute) staff
Ann Filley
Priscilla Wood


Library Committee

The three member Library Committee was established March 21st, 1914, with the charge to "have the care and control of said library and funds." After 66 years, on March 17, 1980, the town again voted that an elected five member committee oversee a newly established Library Trust Fund. Elected at Town meeting to three-year terms, the five members of the Library Committee hold public meetings at the town office once a month. The important work of the Library Committee is working with the Library Director on updating Library Policies, strategic planning initiatives and overseeing the management and the use of earnings from the Library’s Endowment Fund, which also includes gifts to the library and desk income.

Funding for the Rockport Public Library comes from a variety of sources:
The Town of Rockport pays staff salaries and benefits, waste water and audit expenses, which represents approximately 70% of the annual operating budget.
The remainder of the budget (expenses) is covered by gifts (restricted and unrestricted), income from the Rockport Library Trust Fund, desk income, including printing fees, nonresident fees and overdue fines. Expenses include such items such as all library materials, technology, furniture, programs costs, electricity, interlibrary loan costs, and more!
Gifts and grants to the library are reported monthly to the Library Committee and to the Town by the Library Director, which are then added to the Trust. The library director prepares warrants, based on those budgeted expenses not covered by the town, which are then presented to the town's Finance Director as part of revenue to the town.
Meetings are open to the public will occur at the Richardson Room at the Town Office, unless otherwise noted.

Scheduled LC Meetings
All meetings are posted on the Rockport Town Calendar


Rockport Public Library Vision Statement
The Rockport Public Library is a growing, people-centered community hub that goes beyond providing information and learning resources; it offers cultural enrichment, enhances collaboration, inspires innovation, forges connections, and sparks creativity and enjoyment.
Rockport Public Library is a center for lifelong learning.
We celebrate independent and collaborative learning through books and digital resources, people and programs, hands-on exploration and traditional research. Though our collection will evolve (and may include fewer stacks and more of resources we can’t yet imagine), our community’s need to access, evaluate, and understand information will grow. We are committed to ensuring freedom of access and providing materials and programs that educate, entertain, and inspire.
Rockport Public Library is a gathering place.
We embrace our diverse community and foster a sense of belonging and connectedness that bridges generations and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Though the library will always be a refuge for quiet reading and contemplation, our community increasingly relies on it for social interaction, including informal conversations, small group meetings and workshops, and larger lectures and forums. We are committed to providing space that accommodates these needs and is comfortable, safe, and accessible for all.
Rockport Public Library is a community icon.
We epitomize the democratic ideals of inclusiveness and accessibility. Though this role is lofty, it is rooted in our concrete actions - including services that engage a diverse audience and partnerships that connect our community - and in our physical space - which reflects local architecture and is accessible to all. We are committed to serving as an archive for Rockport’s rich history and as a leader in building Rockport’s vibrant future.